Esta Noite, Morfeu!

A moon rises on the horizon. The city lights go out. A people in the arms of Morpheus. Morpheus embraces Franz.
This night, Morpheus! One night, that's what this show is about, a night like any other night. A night that is repeated incessantly. Franz has conversations with Emm. She questions him. He avoids the exchange of looks. Emm is not Emm. The exorcization appears through the sculpted bodies. Franz is not Franz, but niether is he another.
The bodies boil. Repetition. Morpheus says goodbye, "Good luck Franz." The sun rises on the horizon. A creation from the history of the sculptor Franz Messerschmidt.
In this show we question our beliefs, the possible ways, the life itself, and we flood the mind with ideas as crazy as the ones that went through our minds at night in the middle of our bedsheets because our mind, like Franz’s, is capable of creating during sleep the most amazing, deformed, and impossible things we can imagine.

Curatorial Team Sui Generis Associação Cultural (PT)

09 06 2019 15:00—16:00
Where X10 Theatre