Urban Scenographies: Sm'arting the City


This workshop explores how sm’art (as in small art) encounters – temporary socio/spatio-political transformations – can rethink the notion of the smart city? Utilizing urban scenography – how cities perform and how we perform within them – as a means of recognizing and critically engaging with the spatial politics of ‘smart cities’ — deeply entangled with ideas of the ‘right to the city’— it asks: what is a smart city and who is it for? Sm’arting the City is a three-day exploratory master workshop that invites participants to survey ‘smart’ in all its machinations. It proposes short sharp spatial interventions as investigative strategies for asserting the city as a dispersed platform of multiple overlapping sites that encourage, facilitate, control and/or limit public performances.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Professor Dorita Hannah is an independent artist, curator,
performance designer, theatre architect and event dramaturg aligned with the University of Auckland (NZ), University of Tasmania (Australia) and Aalto University (Finland).
Her design practice focuses on designing and curating live
events, installations and exhibitions, as well as expertise
in shaping performance space and spatial performativity.
Her publications include Performance Design (2008) and
Event-Space: Theatre Architecture & the Historical AvantGarde (2018). Her projects include a number of DanceArchitecture events (Athens, Perth, Auckland, Prague), SeaChange: Performing a Fluid Continent (Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2015) and Public Kitchen (Hobart, Australia, 2016).

Dr Shauna Janssen is based at Concordia University,
Montreal, as Assistant Professor in both the Department
of Theatre and Geography, Planning & Environment while
directing the Institute for Urban Futures. Her research
and curatorial projects focus on urban performances,
public space, and expanded scenographic practices. She
has created and staged collaborative and performative siteresponsive works and installations in Quebec, Germany,
Australia, New Zealand and, most recently, collaborated
with Dr Hannah on PhoneHome, an installation created for
the Chile Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (2017).

13—15 06 2019 10:00—18:00
Where DAMU R312