‘Leap into the void’: forensic capacities of scenography


This workshop aims to offer a contribution to the growing discourse of scenographic research. Borrowing a title from Yves Klein's famous work ‘Leap into the void' (1960), it highlights the performative nature of risk-taking in a creative act. Through a series of guided activities, participants will explore the possibilities of applying scenography as a research tool and method - and will reimagine the role of a scenographer as a 'research instrument'.

Participants will use the photographs to perform the acts of scenographic ‘decoding’ of the inscriptions of past narratives and remnants of past events - and interpret them through a series of scenographic strategies.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Dr Nevena Mrdjenovic is a theorist and designer with
expertise in scenography and spatial design. Her creative
work is primarily concerned with performative and poetic
capacities of space - and is inspired by the concepts of
memory, personal and collective identity, and entwined
relationships between people and space. In her recently
completed doctoral research, Nevena dealt with domestic
spaces charged with mental experiences and destroyed
homes as physical manifestations of interrupted identities.
Situated within the field of design, her research practice was
established on theoretical framing, historical contexts, field
trips and an artistic component. The artistic component was
a physical and conceptual investigation of the aftermath of
ethnic conflicts, and it aimed to represent live actions and
direct experiences. In her creative work, Nevena frames
scenography as a discipline that holds the capacity to be
utilised in different areas of spatial practices - focusing
on those inscribed with fundamentals of narrativity and
performativity. Nevena has previously worked across
theatre, film, installation art, pedagogy - in Australia and

15 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Where DAMU R214