Passing Through: Lines and Borders

The immersive experience / installation focuses on the subject of migration and mobility by using the visa interrogation booth as an initial basis of the experience. By re-creating the visa application process, we can consider how spaces and their atmospheres have effects not only in the bodily context but on our emotions and mental state as well.

This one on one encounter tackles, amoung others, topics such as control, manipulation, surveillance, and ethics and how the idea of power affects one's participation. Through the political context of varying degrees of privilege based on the status of our countries concerning migration, there is always a question of credibility – towards authenticity, privacy, and motive.

The space is a 2.5M x 2.5M black box set up through a combination of panels, reconfigured either via a single entry point, or a through and through layout. It is then enhanced by a combination of audio, video and projections in real time. The panels also serve as a divider between the participant and interviewee. Later on serving as an exhibit and installation on its own.

The process would go through the usual routine of an interview via a selection of pre-recorded questions controlled via a headset, there is no direct contact between parties. The interview is then broadcast via cctv camera to a monitor for audience viewing. Another headset may also be provided to "listen in" to the interview. The whole process is also documented through live video projections, creating a hyper realistic environment for the participant in the booth and still images captured throughout the encounter. These images are later on posted on the walls, possibly indicating their name, country of origin, passport number, and the like.

Country/Region Philipines

Curator De Leon Ma. Magdalena

Curatorial Team Rutaquio Armando Jr., Fernandez Gabriel Fernando, Joaquin Jose Aranda, Eric Dela Cruz, Ma. Ellawyn Rachella Cruz

Artists Ma. Ellawyn Rachelle Cruz

photo Lawyn Cruz