Dorita Hannah

Working between the School of Creative Arts and the School of Architecture & Design, Dorita is a key researcher and practitioner in the new Creative Exchange Institute, with her creative work, teaching and research concentrating on the intersection between the varying fields.

Tim Foster

Tim Foster is the founding partner in Foster Wilson Architects based in London. His atelier is responsible for building several theatre spaces all around the world.

Jim Clayburgh

Jim Clayburgh is the choreographer living in Brussels where he founded a choreographic and scenographic focused company created together with Johanne Saunier, that examines how architecture, and technology surround the human body and how a body can exist in that „cultural“ environment.

Liu Xinglin

Liu Xinglin is the Chinese stage designer, and the professor of Stage Design at Central Academy of Drama in Bering, China.

Sofia Pantouvaki

Sofia Pantouvaki is Professor of Costume Design for Theatre and Film at Aalto University, Finland. Her design credits include over 70 theatre, film, opera and dance productions in major venues in Greece, Italy, UK, Cyprus and Finland.

Robert Kaplowitz

Robert Kaplowitz is composeur and sound designer; he has worked with some of theater’s greatest artists, and composed music for famous theratres and museums all around the globe.

Jennifer Tipton

American lighting designer Jennifer Tipton is a leading figure in her field. She teaches at the Yale School of Drama.

Yaron Abulafia

Yaron Abulafia has designed over 200 theatre and dance performances, installations, concerts and television shows internationally. Yaron is regularly invited as a guest lecturer in universities and art academies around the world.

Sodja Lotker

Sodja Lotker works as a dramaturg for independent devised theatre, dance, media and site specific projects, working often in unusual performance spaces. She was an artistic director of PQ 2008-2015.

Omar Rajeh

Omar Rajeh is a choreographer and director of Maqamat Dance Theatre, one of Lebanon’s most important dance companies. He is also the founder of BIPOD (Beirut International Platform of Dance), an annual contemporary dance festival in Beirut.

Monica Raya

Monica Raya is architect, performance and costume designer. She also works as Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and National School of Theatrical Art.