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Are you excited about upcoming PQ 2019?
Visitors can look forward a rich 11-days-long program full of life performances, site-specific projects, exhibitions, workshops, and lectures, talks, and many more…


VISITOR accreditation is the basic one for all the performance design and theatre lovers!

1-day accreditations: presale 475 CZK, last minute/on the spot 550 CZK
3-days accreditations: presale 1 000 CZK, last minute/on the spot 1 200 CZK
11-days accreditations: presale 2 400 CZK, last minute/on the spot 2 900 CZK


Single day ticket offers a free entrance to all PQ exhibitions. The fee for single day ticket is 350 Kč, and 150 CZK for students and parents accompanying their children. Sale of single tickets will be launched in spring 2019.


You can go through a draft schedule of PQ 2019 program by the time we publish the final version  in March 2019.

The registration to is possible via your email or Facebook profile. You can opt for PQ newsletter while registering to the system.