Be part of PQ!

Each edition of Prague Quadrennial is realized thanks to tens of people who do their best to bring PQ to life, and you can be one of them. There is a range of roles available for volunteers who would like to see behind-the-scene of PQ 2019 production.

All you need to do to register interest is to send your CV and a cover letter to so we can keep you updated with PQ volunteer program progress!

Open Calls for volunteers of PQ 2019 related projects:
Please note that the opportunities listed here are not organized by PQ. Any questions or inquiries should be directed to the contact information found within the individual calls.

Time Flows Performers

Studio CHOREATURA is looking for performers to participate in “Time Flows” project during Prague Quadrennial 2019.
Where: Prague
When: 7 and 8 June
Deadline for applications: ASAP
Time Flows is a single-day performance that shows how different humans, with different perceptions of time, can coexist in one city. The project is designed as a four-hour show, which will take place during the day. There will be three groups of performers, each with their own special movement pattern and own speed (slow, medium and fast). Their routes through the city will interconnect at specific points, including squares in the Old City. At the end of the performance three groups will meet at the Prague Exhibition Grounds on the Plaza, where they will unite in collective movement (lasting 15-20 minutes).
Profile required: Project requires people with different experience for different roles, so we are looking for dancers/performers/movers or simply physically active people.
Rehearsal period : 3-6 June
To apply, please send email to with the subject “Time Flows participant” including your name, phone number, age and couple words about your physical experience.

Builders and Tearers

Participants for the performance We build walls / We tear walls wanted!
Performances will happen on 7 – 11.6.2019, 09:00 – 21:00.
To participate sign up @
Facebook event:

Performers for The Power Company Collaborative

Performers must have movement improvisational experience and will be sent movement scores and instructions through email. A rehearsal will be held the morning of June 8, prior to the first performance.
Performances are on June 8th @ noon, 9th @ 10pm, and 10th @ 4pm.
Deadline for application is 27 May 2019
More info:

ONEby1 performers

Nuno Pimenta and Ana Renata Polónia are looking for 7 volunteers to integrate their performance ONEby1. The performance will be constructed around a group discussion which will define an improvisation score to occupy and interact with the surrounding space. Performers can come from different artistic background and should be comfortable with collective movement proposals.
Rehearsals: 3 to 7 June (2 hours a day, schedule to be defined)
Performances: 8 to 12 June (19h-19h30)
More info:          Contact:  (Please send us an email with your interest and a small biography.)

Dance Performers

Małgorzta Zelek is looking for 4 people who want to animate costumes in the Alice/B performance. The event will take place during the Site Specific Performance Festival, 14 and 15 June. Work is her vision of Alice in Wonderland. The costumes are made of stretchable materials, reacting to movement.
Work reference 
Contact: Małgorzta Zelek,

Drift Performers

Hungarian interdisciplinary artist ​David Somló is looking for performers to participate in his new public space piece ’Drift’, which will be premiered in the PQ 2019, Formation section. The performance will consist a 45-60 minutes long minimalist choreography of walking. During the performance each of the 15 performers will carry around a portable speaker creating an immersive soundscape to the audience.
More info: see the document
Contact: David Somló,

Tangled Performers

Antony Nevin is looking for 6-7 people to help perform Tangled, a performative durational creative work which explores the notion of the unpredictable and quirky within the nocturnal environments of Prague and the Prague Exhibition Grounds.
More info: see the document
Contact: Antony Nevin,

Story Tellers

Do you or someone you know has a story of a moment in your life when something changed, organizers of This Is Trophy, the project presented at Site Specific Performance Festival, want to hear it! Big, small, funny or heartbreaking – all stories are welcome.
More info: see the document
Contact: Sarah Conn,

Call for Performers: Daily Group Actions: Journeys of Presence and Absence through the Prague Exhibition Grounds

Performers comfortable with improvisational scores of pedestrian-based movement tasks such as walking, standing, kneeling and rolling.
Utilizing red coveralls, as both costume and prop, dance artists, working in collaboration, Jordan Fuchs and kNOwBOX dance (YeaJean Choi and Martheya Nygaard) will journey through the space of the Prague Exhibition Grounds in a series of daily 90-minute accumulating group actions exploring patterns of presence and absence. Each day’s group actions will build on the knowledge, experiences and intersections garnered in the previous days. No two group actions will be the same. Exploring the legibility of the human form and relationship at a distance, these explorations will utilize the bright red color of the coveralls as prop and costume to enhance visibility and to amplify our actions. We will expect the unexpected: intersections, alignments and coincidences with the public, other artists and too the weather that could not be preconceived. Performances will be on June 7, 9, 11 and 13. Costumes provided. 
More info:

Boy singer

For the performance Traces of Tissues we are looking for a young boy located in Prague with choral experience who is able to sing a song similar to a requiem in high notes.
More info:
Contact: Sally E. Dean, or Charlotte Østergaard,

The Red Carpet(s)

In the context of Formations, the Red Carpet(s) will be a collection of performative tableaux, inviting various performers to occupy a Red Carpet and contribute their own interpretation of the project.
More info:
Contact: Jo Blin,

Red crossing is looking for hands …

Can you lend a hand?
Red Crossing is looking for local groups, classes, sports teams, dance troupes to join us in lifting and performing on the floating walkway. Approximately 66 pairs of hands are needed to lift the entire length of the walkway.
More info:
Contact: Nick Tobier,