Prague Quadrennial Awards 2019

The prestigious Golden Triga for the Prague Quadrennial 2019 goes to the Republic of North Macedonia

On Tuesday, 11 June at the Prague Exhibition Grounds, the awards for the Prague Quadrennial 2019 were presented to this year’s winners. The international jury awarded the Golden Triga for best exposition to the Republic of North Macedonia and their project This Building Truly Talks. The jury voted in a wide range of categories, including exhibition experience, most promising student talent, best curatorial concept or the lifetime achievement award – a total of 28 prizes. The Prague Quadrennial 2019 jury consisted of Dorita Hannah, Tim Foster, Jim Clayburgh, Liu Xinglin, Sofia Pantouvaki, Robert Kaplowitz, Yaron Abulafia, Sodja Lotker, Omar Rajeh, Monica Raya and Kate Bailey. The architect Petr Bakoš designed the award. According to the PQ statute, the prizes are awarded by the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic at the recommendation of the international jury, except for the PQ Children’s Award, which is awarded directly by child audiences.

List of Awards PQ 2019

Golden Triga: Republic of North Macedonia

The Best Exhibition in the Exhibition of Countries and Regions Award: France, Catalonia, Hungary

Award for Best Curatorial Concept of an Exhibit: Latvia

The Best Student Exhibition Experience Award: Taiwan, Georgia, Finland

Award for Performance Space Design: DOX+, Soundforms, Levitating Theatre, Theatre in the Wild

Award for Imagination in Students’ Exhibition: Italy, Czech Republic, The Philippines

Award for Excellence in Performance Design: Jerildy Bosch (Mexico), Ivan Marušić Klif (Croatia), Zhou Zhengping (China), Michael Levine (Canada), Latai Taumoepeau (Australia), La Liga Teatro Elástico (Mexico)

Award for the Most Promising Talent: Natalia Sedano (Mexico)

Award for Collaborative Realization of an Exhibit: Chile

The Best Publication Award: Donatella Barbieri – Costume in Performance: Materiality, Culture, and the Body

Young Audience Award: Chile

Jury Award: Bert Neumann (Germany)

Mentor Award: Arnold Aronson

Life Achievement Award: Kirsten Dehlholm

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Photo: Alžběta Jungrová