PQ program tips for this weekend

The third day of the Prague Quadrennial is here, and we have some program tips for the weekend. Visit Formations at Plaza during the morning and enjoy the Taboo Collection with Fruzsina Nagy. Do not miss Stefano Poda’s Keynote at the evening and Blue Hour Opening at Small Sports Hall. We are also part of the Prague Museum Night, so you can be in PQ exhibitions till 1 am.

8 June

from 10:00 // Plaza
Formations: The Circuit – A Movement Scenario by Moi Tran

11:45 // PEG 1
Site Specific Performance: Porous City by Etheridge & Persighetti

13:00 // Industrial Palace Right Wing (15)
ECR: Quebec – Discussion about Scenography

13:30 // Central Hall
Taboo Collection – The spectacular fashion concert that combines the professions of costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and conductor Dóra Halas and an untraditional choral ensemble. (SOHARÓZA)

13:45 // Mama Shelter
Site Specific Performance: Vertical Dance by The Flock Project

14:00 // Křizík Pavilion C
PQ for Kids: Workshop with Olivia Lomenech Gill

14:30 // Lapidarium
EMERGENCE: Gallery Talks in Fragments Exhibition

16:00 // DAMU K332
PQ Studio:Festival: 36 Dramatic Situations by DAMU

19:00 // Křizík Pavilion E
PQ Talks: Stefano Poda Keynote on Opera Stage as a Total Work of Art

20:00 // Small Sports Hall
36Q˚ Blue Hour Opening

21:30 // Central Hall
Mirroring Special performance Mirroring by Hura Collective will take place on the occasion of Prague Museum Night!

till 23:00 // New Stage of the National Theatre
PQ+: (De)formation #3 by Israel López, Zuzana Šklíbová, Eva Rosemarijn, Theresa Schrezenmeir

9 June

from 9:00 // Plaza
Formations: Circle-lation by Silei Chan

from 10:00 // Small Sports Hall
36Q°: Light Spot

10:00 // PEG
Site Specific Performance: Remember Me by Sharon Reshef

11:00 // Křižík Pavilion C
PQ for kids: Workshop for kids with Areoškola and LEGO®

17:30 // DAMU Řetízek
PQ Studio:Festival: Inheriting Attica by Orellana Design

15:00 // Industrial Palace Right Wing (16)
ECR: Catalonia – Drinks & Welcome

16:15 // PEG 13
Site Specific Performance: Tejidos by Pared Blanca

18:30 // DAMU K332
PQ Studio:Festival: Together by Factory Irregular

19:00 // Křižík Pavilion E
PQ Talks: Olivia Lomenech Gill keynote on Illustrating Fantastic Beasts… and other stuff!

19:30 // NoD Theatre
ECR: Sláva Daubnerová

20:00 // PONEC Theatre
PQ+: GUIDE by Věra Ondrašíková

21:30 // V Kotcích Street
PQ Studio:Festival: Victory by Victory Collective


Photo: Alžběta Jungrová