Prague Quadrennial 2019 Opening Ceremony

Exhibition Grounds Prague, 5 6 2019 at 8 pm

ECHO-METAMORPHOSES is a research-experimental project by the opera Povera, which seeks to find new musical-theatre forms. It is based freely on the opera installation ECHO-METAMORPHOSES I performed by the composer Vít Zouhar and director and stage designer Rocc at the Prague Quadrennial 2015 at the Czech Museum of Music and later on the opera ambient ECHO-METAMORPHOSES II from 2017. With its theme, the project returns to the great inspiration of the first operas ever: to the ancient Roman poet Ovidius and his main epic work Metamorphoses containing a variety of myths describing the different transformations of the living. Thus, the “GARDEN OF LIFE” is the third project of a series of alternative poly-operative cycles and is based on Rocc’s thesis that everything that connects sound and space in any way can be interpreted as an opera. Opera, as an interdisciplinary multimedia art form, is supposed to penetrate broadly outside the stone theatre and try to reach out to the general public in this unconventional way and style. After its creation in the PQ 2015, this project is being heard as a new echo in the PQ 2019 opening ceremony.


Slovenian artist Rocc (* 1979) studied opera directing at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, studied postgraduate stage design in Zurich and Offenbach. As a director and designer, he has created more than 40 opera productions and collaborated with national theatres in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Riga (Latvia), Wroclaw (Poland) or Opera Bergen (Norway). His work has been presented at many international festivals. Special Rocc’s profile is contemporary opera and is the founder and artistic director of the opera Povera group. His work in contemporary music theatre is associated with alternative theatre art, installations, new media and site-specific projects. In 2008-2009 he was the deputy art director and in 2009–2011 he was the artistic director of the Janáček Opera of the National Theater in Brno. Subsequently, in 2011–2013, he worked as the artistic director of the Prague State Opera, which in January 2012 joined the National Theater Opera in Prague. In 2013–2019 he was the artistic director of the National Theater Opera in Ljubljana. He is an associate professor in opera acting at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and a member of professional juries at international singing competitions both at home and abroad.

Vít Zouhar (* 1966), a composer, a musicologist and a university lecturer is the author or co-author of six operas (eg L´Arianna, La Dafne, Coronide, Torso), more than sixty orchestral and chamber works (The Gate of the Sun, Close Encounters of Fury) hearts, Pinnas columbae), musical games and sound installations (Arcadi, zaHRAda, Tastes). His music is associated with minimalism and postmodernism. Many compositions have been made to order (National Theater in Prague, Prague Spring, Berg Orchestra, Ensemble Damian) and are recorded and regularly performed in Europe and the USA. Zouhar’s theatrical work has been and is in the repertoire of the National Theater in Prague (Radúz and Mahulena, Lord of Prasečkova), the National Theater in Brno (La Dafne, Night by Day, Opening of Alfréd Radok’s Wells), Ensemble Damian (L´Arianna, Coronide, Torso, Saeculum Coronatum) and opera superstition (ECHO, ECHO II). As a guest composer, he worked at Werkstadt Graz and IEM Graz. In 2001, Zouhar co-founded the Hearing Different program, which focuses on composing in music education. Since 2010 he has been Vice-Rector of Palacký University in Olomouc. Zouhar holds the Alfréd Radok Award, NUBERG and many other awards.


author of the project and directed by: Rocc
co-author of the project and sound artist: Vít Zouhar
artistic coordination: Markéta Fantová
costumes: Belinda Radulović
sound master: Jakub Suchomel
lighting design: Adam Uzelac
production: Jana Michalcová
makeup artist: Veronika Benešová
assistant costume designer: Borjan Litovski


Ran Jiao, Jitka Jiristova + Antonin KrejcI, Paulina Kinga Dobosz, Amélie Poledňáková, Carolina Arandia, Barbora Maksymovová, Jitka Osička

Adéla Kašparová + Adam Capouch

Central Hall: CORRIDOR / ETHER
Jana BitterovÁ, Jitka Čechová, David Králík, Žaneta Musilová, Adam Rai

Křižík Fountain: AIR
Kateřina Jabůrková, Barbora Ptáčková, Ester Trčková, Milan Nikles

Křižík Fountain: ECHO / WATER
ISHA Trio: Lucie Rozsnyó, Sára Medková, Jana Pavlíčková