Are there any performances out of Prague Exhibition Grounds areal?

Yes, there are. Performances of Formations will start at different points in Prague but all of them will lead to Prague Exhibition Grounds. Please, check the program to find their starting position.

Secondly, PQ Studio takes place at DAMU (Karlova 26, Prague 1); workshops and PQ Studio: Festival performances will happen there and also at other locations mentioned in its program (V KotcĂ­ch street, Jan Palach Square, X10 Theatre).Performances at DAMU and X10 are paid (or due to accreditations), outdoor performances are for free.

Please, keep in mind to come to indoor performances at least 10 minutes in advance, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled and your place offered to awaiting participants!

PQ also invites all visitors to follow PQ+ 2019 program to get to know Czech theatre companies presenting impressive performances.