Site Specific Performance Festival

The Site Specific Performance Festival speaks to our contemporary experience while forging new connections between space, performance creators, and audiences. This open call invites performance designers, directors, choreographers, performers and artists to bring their performances inspired by the historical Prague Exhibition Grounds site and various Prague locations where performance design plays integral role and to create works that could change the regular patterns of the daily city life into a series of memorable moments.

Curated by Sophie Jump

The festival is both an incubator and a forecaster of new trends in performance. The particular interest of the Site Specific Festival will be towards performances that respond to the specificity of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. These outdoor spaces are a place of forgotten heritage, appear to be a jumbled, aesthetically confused place where successive regimes have randomly placed buildings, structures or landscapes on top of one another to represent their view of culture. It is an inspiring site that rewards investigation into the archaeology and hidden traces of its uses and history.

Selected projects
The Flock Project (Hungary)
Andaime Theatre Company, Carnaval Silencio (Brazil)
Sarah Conn & Allison O’Connor, Trophy (Canada)
Pared Blanca, Tejidos (Mexico)
Body Architects, Form Parkour (Austria/Poland)
Niskanen & Salo, No Names (Finland)
Against Again Troupe, Dictionary of Chaos (Taiwan)
Paravan, The Hunt er/ed (Cyprus)
Zsofia Berczi, Morphomen – human archetypes (Hungary)
Etheridge & Persighetti, Porous City (UK)
Carolina E. Santo & Emmanuelle Gangloff, Excavating the Remains of French Scenography in Prague (France)
Tetsushi Higashino, Tagikawa (Japan)
Yuto Hasabe, Deer Calling (Japan)
Kaisa Illukka, I Can’t Even Make a Flower (Finland)
BETWIXT, Traces of Tissue (Denmark/UK/USA)
The Hole Collective, The Hole (Australia/Canada)
Scale Laboratory, ENGI-MON (Japan)
The Strangers, Bahn (South Korea)
Dagada Dance Company, Ass Ocean (Germany)
Matthew Schlief, Morning, Noon, Evening, Night (USA)
Sharon Reshef (Canada)
Sam Trubridge, Night Walk (New Zealand)
The Mushroom Head, by Mushrooms (Germany)
Malgorzata Zelek, Alice/B (Poland)
Panorama Kino Theatre (Switzerland)

Site Specific Performance Festival is part of EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.