PQ Youth and Family Program

Theatre is surrounded by a mist of magical mystery: things come to life and speak, time stands still or accelerates, the invisible is revealed and matter disappears. A program for families with children will allow you to enter behind the scenes of the exhibitions of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space and get a taste of extraordinary theatre miracles.

curated by Ondřej Horák and Jiří Raiterman (Do You Have a Knack for Art?)

For 11 days from June 6 to June 16, 2019, the world of theatre will move to the Prague Exhibition Grounds. You will see a unique presentation of artists and students from over 70 countries. These live exhibitions will let you and your children experience a day full of surprises. You can become a detective and follow clues to find a lost precious exhibit (while taking a thorough look at the exhibitions), and try the work of a stage designer yourself in a costume, makeup or puppet workshop.If you find the courage, you can also enjoy a few moments of fame by presenting your work to the other visitors of the exhibition and become a judge by voting for the most interesting exposition to help decide which country receives the Child Visitors’ Award.

The program will be tailored to various age groups and will be available every weekday afternoon and all day on weekends.

We are looking forward to your and your children’s visit!