PQ Studio

PQ Studio follows Scenofest (2003, 2007, 2011) and SpaceLab (2015) to present a wide-ranging program that showcases the work of emerging performance creators while hosting a broad professional development program, including workshops, masterclasses, portfolio reviews, critiques, and a performance festival. Organized around 3 major programming strands (The Festival, Workshops and Masterclasses, and the Common Design Project), PQ Studio seeks to connect industry leading professionals with emerging designers, giving young artists a platform to hone their craft, develop strong practices, and have their voices heard.

Curated by Patrick Du Wors
PQ Studio: Festival co-curated by Michal Lázňovský

PQ Studio is possible through a long-standing, strong partnership with The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague (DAMU).

Workshops and Masterclasses

Workshops and Masterclasses will give an opportunity for emerging designers, young artists, and those interested in expanding their craft to learn from the international gathering of industry leading practitioners attending PQ 2019. These include explorations across all design disciplines (including set/space, sound, lighting, costume, projection, experience) as well as intensives in technical skills, stage management, and arts administration.

PQ Studio: Results Driven Workshops

The first 5 days of the series will consist of multi-day, results oriented intensives in which participants work with established artists to produce an experience to be shared with the wider PQ audience at the Industrial Palace. These experiences, whether performative or an installation, will showcase the imagination of young artists and explore the breadth of possibilities presented by design for performance.

Participants  of Results Driven Workshops were already selected through Open Calls.

The list of Results Driven Workshops:

Devising the Collaborative Imagination
Expansive Listening an eco-materialist approach to devising spatial designs
Material Interactions: A Journey in Movement
Nomadic Bodies of Light in Public 
Plica Ex Plica
Spatial Dramaturgies. Interdisciplinry Macbeth
The Hidden Lives of Spaces: Site-based Performance Ecology
The Quest – Performing with the Ghost
Transcending Boundaries and Amplifying Identity with Giant Puppets
Scaling-up! Transfer Your Production from the Studio to a Larger Theatre
Transforming Space with Illuminated Sculpture

PQ Studio: Results Driven Workshops is part of EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.

PQ Studio: Exploratory Workshops

The remaining 4 days will follow a more traditional form and consist of shorter masterclasses that explore more narrowly defined aspects of performance design through discussions, lectures, and active participation. Leaders for all workshops and masterclasses will be selected through an open call.

Participation in PQ Studio: Exploratory Workshops is by first-come, first-served registration through the myPQ platform. Registration will open in late February 2019. Each workshop will carry a fee, which will be due at the time of registration. This fee is noted at the top of the workshop description.

An important part of PQ is the international exchange that occurs when artists from different regions and at different stages of their careers come together to learn and collaborate. In this spirit and to encourage a diverse group of participants in each workshop, PQ will no longer allow “group registration”.
However, for those professors who wish to register their students in workshops and make a single payment, the following process has been implemented:
/ once students have registered for myPQ, they will be given a unique identification number;
/ through myPQ, a professor/lecturer will have the ability to register up to 2 people (including themselves) in any single workhop using the participants unique identification number.

The list of Exploratory Workshops:

VR, AR, and the Performance Design Process
3D Printing for Performance
Digital Character Drawing
The Narrative Drawing Experience
Investigating Visual Dramaturgies
‘Leap Into The Void’: Forensic Capacities Of Scenography
From the Pop-Up Book to the Stage
Corpus / Augmented Cinematic Action
Embodied Costume Design: In-Between Real and Imaginary Spaces
Costume Design Process and Rendering
Model-Making with Found Objects
Proxemic Space and Performance: Alone or Together
Participatory Scenography: Developing Responsive Spaces
Theatre for Transformation
The Natural Dye Studio: Sustainable Methods for Dying Textiles
Synesthesia Design Thinking
Spatial Experience
Performing Transmedia: How to Make The Stage Explode in XXist Century
Devising with Objects
Thinking Costume Lab
Urban Scenographies: Sm’arting The City
Found Scenographies
The Tri-Coloured Workshop
Re: Sound the City
Panorama Kino-Theatre

The overall overview of PQ Studio: Exploratory Workshops is available HERE.


The Festival in association with Zlomvaz Festival will present performances in DAMU’s DISK Theatre and Řetízek Studio as well as additional site-specific performances and installations that are conceived and created with students as the driving creative force, offering the opportunity for emerging performance creators to have their work on an international stage and receive feedback from industry leading practitioners.

The Open Call for  Festival was closed on 30 June 2018.

PQ Studio: Festival is part of EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.

Common Design Project

The Common Design Project was originally conceived by Pamela Howard and had a major presence at the 2003 (A Lear for Our Time) and 2007 (The Birds) editions of PQ. The project returns with the international community of design for performance courses invited to set a selected text as a studio design project (conceived for any type of theatre, whether traditional proscenium, small and immersive spaces, found space projects, etc…) that encourages students and emerging designers to explore Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry through their own lens by considering approaches meaningful to a contemporary audience. Design courses will be invited to submit one project for consideration to bring their work to Prague for a joint display and to have their concepts critiqued by leading practitioner.