Formations investigates the impact of movement, structures, and patterns in every day life by dynamically combining diverse artists, designers, and architects to explore the amalgamation of architecture and performance with time-based performative actions.

Curated by D. Chase Angier & Serge von Arx
7-13 June
Plaza of the Industrial Palace (Prague Exhibition Grounds)

Artists and architects from around the world bring distinct approaches in their fields and the curiosity to enter into experimental performative conversations in the urban context to present unique contributions that will become part of a larger co-creation. Each project focuses on clearly defined patterns and their arbitrary but symbiotic interweaving in the public space. The works intersect at random moments with the open environment, the public, the weather, and other selected works performed near and passing through another. The resulting disruptions and frictions will expand the individual contributions as they become part of a continuous whole unfolding across the vast square in front of the Industrial Palace.

Selected projects
Ailun Guo (China)
Anne Cecilie Lie (Norway)
Antony Nevin, Tangle (New Zealand)
Zatopek, Sisyphe (Belgium)
Britt van Groningen & Astrid Bode, (Canada/Belgium)
David Somló, Drift (Hungary)
Dimitris Chimonas, Pause (Cyprus)
FRAKKKTAL, The Hay Stock on a Walk (Switzerland)
Beyn Theatre Group, And/Or/Pro/Methe (Iran)
Colectivo Safari Poliédrico, Cazando el Teseracto (Costa Rica)
PQLB, Telephone Poles (Lebanon)
Iris Woutera de Jong, Deform Sculpture (The Netherlands)
Studio LOKA, Disposable Species of Spaces (France/Colombia)
Jo Blin, Red Carpets (Czech Republic)
kNOwBOX Dance, Daily Group Actions… (USA)
K.&A. Niaga DNA (The Netherlands/ Switzerland)
BridgePain (Norway)
Longva+Carpenter (UK)
Yzam , Queue-Machines (Norway)
Studio ALTA / tYhle, Legorytmus (Czech Republic)
Project “TELO”, Time Flows (Russia/Israel)
The Power Company Collaborative (USA)
ME-SA, In Association With (Czech Republic)
Meg Foley, Natalie Robin, Marysa Stoklosa, Fixing (USA, Poland)
Michael Spencer, perform24112011 (UK)
Moi Tran, The Circuit (UK)
EverydayPlaces + Assocreation, Red Crossing (USA + Austria)
Nicole Marengo, I <3 Shop Chao (BRAZIL)
Nicole Morel & Lea Hobson, A Journey on Moving Grounds (Switzerland/France)
Nuno Pimenta, Oneby1 (Portugal)
Passages (Norway)
Complejo Conejo, PECES CAMINANDO! (Chile)
MATLAKAS, Melting Borders (UK)
Robert Lisek, Minotaur (Holland)
Robin Meier & Ensemble Cairn, Song for Ghost Travelers (France/Switzerland)
Silei Chan, Circle-lation (Singapore)
grodin&tonning, Folds (Denmark)
Ann Mirjam Vaikla & Szymon Kula, What can you build out of 100 bricks (Estonia/Poland)
Teo Paaer, We tear walls/we build walls (Finland)
a canary torsi, (USA)

Selected projects