Performance Space Architecture Exhibition

Theatre Architecture and Architecture of spaces created specifically for the performing arts is no longer effort of a single architect or a single country. International teams often create the most interesting work collaborating across the borders. We aim to create an inclusive exhibition showing a wide variety of work including spaces created even in hard to reach areas and places where performance spaces are temporary structures and are not designed by architects.


Buildings and spaces that are brought to life by performance are complex organisms fusing together the very heartbeat of our humanity, theatre traditions and newest trends in architecture and technology. To keep a beating healthy heart inside these new spaces, the dialogue between performance art professionals, performance designers and architects is essential.

Prague Quadrennial is asking architects/space creators and performance designers to participate in a competitive exhibition by sending us short videos about projects realized in past 6 years. All submissions need to show the space as well as how it is used in performance. All submitted videos must include a dialogue between the space creator (architect) and the performance designer/s or performers using the space. The documentary video can be made on a smartphone and shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes. This way any newly created space can be included in the exhibition, including temporary structures in areas hard to reach. All films that fulfil the submission criteria will be shown at PQ. The five best film creative teams will be invited to come and present their projects in person. In addition to the exhibition, PQ will organize both live events and PQ Talks presentations to support and continue this very important dialogue.

Deadline for applications was on 31 August 2018.