Performance Space Exhibition

The Performance Space Exhibition showcases a wide range of possibilities for theatre architecture, from found and transformed spaces to major national projects to temporal outdoor structures, especially those in remote or complicated areas where the creators of the space might not be architects. Contemporary performances take place in many spaces outside of traditional theatres, and these can be just as exciting and valid as those in traditional multifunctional performing arts structures made exclusively by architectural firms.

author of Open Call, co-curator: Andrew Todd
designed by Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera (OKOLO)
6-16 June
Central Hall of the Industrial Palace

The buildings and spaces that come alive for a performance are complex organisms fusing together ancient traditions with new important views. No matter how beautiful or complex a piece of stunning architecture might be, without a connection to the community and the dialogue between the creator and artists using the space, the result might be a lifeless shell of a building. With this thought in mind, the designers from the collective OKOLO bring you a fleet of unexpected viewing spaces where you can watch short films created by each project based on the dialogue between the creators and the artists.


Selection Jury: Andrew Filmer, Dorita Hannah, & Monica Raya
Presentation of Winning Projects: 10 June, 19:00 – 20:30, Krizik Pavilion E

Theatre in the Wild

design: Hour25 Production

Theatre in the Wild is a project for a sustainable festival that does not disturb the character of the surrounding landscape and that makes sensitive use of the genius loci. It was first realized on an abandoned field in the Hong Kong village of Ping Che. The decline of farming and the impending relocation of the villagers because of development plans were reflected in the festival’s rural setting, which contrasted with the skyscrapers of Hong Kong in the background. The project’s central question is the impact that the location has on the artistic event and vice versa.
The movie can be seen HERE.

DOX+ multifunctional hall

design: Petr Hájek architekti

DOX+ was created during the most recent expansion of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. The hall’s acoustic and spatial variability opens up new possibilities for multi-genre dramaturgy, with an emphasis on the development of new performance forms. Both buildings are linked in terms of programming and operations, thus creating a complex without equal in the Czech Republic. In 2018, DOX+ was nominated for the European architecture prize, the Mies van der Rohe Award.
The movie can be seen HERE.

Levitating Theatre

design: UNISM Studio

Levitating Theatre explores artistic expression not only visually but also through the taste buds. The project’s architect has succeeded in combining the art of the scenographer with that of a chef by seating the audience around a dining table that simultaneously acts as a stage. From this vantage point, the viewers watch how everything comes together in a unique performance.
The movie can be seen HERE.


design: Flanagan Lawrence

Soundforms is a mobile acoustic building in the shape of a sea shell, built with the aim of bringing the qualities of a concert hall to an outdoor stage. The shell has been installed at, among other places, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and a permanent version is to be located at Bayfront Performance Park in San Diego, California, where it will be used by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.
The movie can be seen HERE.