Floor plans of the Exhibition of Countries and Regions and Student Exhibition is online!

To have a clearer imagination of how spaces will look like, please see floor plans attached HERE. Please, keep in mind that floor plans are illustrative; the concept is still in progress.

The cooperation in between countries is not forbidden, on the contrary, it is very welcome. Let us know by March 30th 2018 if you are working in a cluster with other countries and regions. Afterwards on May 1st 2018, the final floor plan will be forwarded to curators working in clusters so they choose their place. We follow the rule, first come, first served. Places for non-clusters countries and regions presentations will be selected randomly. The detailed description of the clusters´ principle is available in the Organizational manual.

If you would like to work on a common plan with some other country, but you do not a have their email, please contact us at production@pq.cz and we will provide you with the contact.