Book Transformations of PQ 1999-2015 is out now

Look back to the last approximately 15 years of recent PQ history in the book Transformations of PQ 1999-2015. Publication includes papers and presentations by the contributors to the Transformations of the Prague Quadrennial symposium, which was organized by the PQ and took place on March 17-18, 2016 in Prague.

The PQ in 1999 was the first Quadrennial to include extensive live events curated by the organizations Four Days in Motion and mamapapa, as well as student projects co-organized by OISTAT. Since this event, the live aspect of the exhibition has become more important and inspiring; it has provoked new ways to curate expositions and proposed new forms of events. The 1990s brought not only capitalism and democracy to Eastern Europe with the fall of the Iron Curtain, but also completely new ways of communication – the Internet and email – as well as more frequent and easier traveling, and all of this has influenced the further development of this scenography international scenography event. The PQ 2015 was in many ways the peak of this tendency, dispersed in many buildings throughout the city center, with many accompanying curated exhibitions, many events in public spaces, a large education project for students in the form of SpaceLab, and many possibilities for professionals to meet and discuss.

Many of the things written about in this book are the result of the group effort of hundreds of national curators and team members from all around the globe.

50 Years of PQ